my sister grenadine (D)

my sister grenadine (D)

My Sister Grenadine ist ein Trio aus Berlin und baut mit vielen Instrumenten Songs aus akustischen
Punkten und Strichen. Free Folk mit wunderbarer Theatralik.

My Sister Grenadine is not a sister.
It is an open box where everyone puts letters in.
Unwritten ones, strange ones. Full of sharp thoughts and nonsense.
The box is not a box, though.
It is a steady sound. Mystical mysterious. Never ending, changing.
Constantly standing still and always moving.
The sound is more like whispering.
Silent words in our ears. About night and day and everything in between.
All again and all different again.
This is what we wish to share.
With a sister.
With all of them.
Angelina Kartsaki – Geige, Objekte
Felix Koch – Trompete, Percussion
Vincenz Kokot – Ukulele, Vocals