Cosae Mandinga (ARG)

Cosae Mandinga (ARG)

Leandro Diaz ist Gitarrist, Sänger und Musiklehrer. Mauro Andrés Mauceri ist Bandoneonist und Tangotänzer. Beide formieren das Duo Cosae Mandinga und schaffen in ihren Konzerten als Duo eine hohe Qualität musikalischer Fülle! Sie spielen lebhaft und emotional - wie eben der Tango so ist!

Cosae Mandinga, the milonguero duo from Buenos Aires is returning to Europe next April/May for the 12ve time. After 9 years performing together Leandro Díaz Keller (Guitar & Voice) and Mauro Mauceri (Bandoneon) recorded in 2017 their 3rd studio album called "Estilo Mandinga". This album presents a new and more refined version of the Duet, with classic songs of the traditional tango repertoire and new compositions.
After many tours the duet will be presenting their music for the second time in Tonfink, Lübeck
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