Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings (UK)

Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings (UK)

Mit 26 Konzerten feiern sie das Erscheinen ihres neuen Albums "The Girl On The Bike (are you the girl aon the bike?)": Eine vibrierende Kollektion von alter akustischer Rhythm and Blues Musik, mit Begeisterung direkt aus dem Herzen gespielt. Elf Titel mit einzigartigem, kraftvollem Gesang und von beeindruckender Musikalität. Musik des Moments, verstärkt durch das Beste von Blues, Roots, Soul, Country, Folk und Jazz.

Sie bewegen sich von Schildkröten- zu Affengeschwindigkeit und direkt aus dem Herzen: Jenny Wren and her Borrowed Wings sind drei begabte und kreative Musiker aus Englands Südosten, die Musik mit Begeisterung, in intuitivem Miteinander und mit beeindruckender Musikalität spielen.

Mutig verbinden Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Folk und Soul mit brillantem Songwriting und vereinen damit alle wesentlichen Bestandteile traditioneller Roots-Musik. Ein dynamischer Kontrabass, verwobene Gitarrenlinien und gefühlvolle Melodien harmonisieren mit leidenschaftlichem Gesang.
A 26 date tour of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, to launch the new album from Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings - The Girl On The Bike (are you the girl on the bike?)
– A vibrant collection of original, acoustic Rhythm and Blues music, played with gusto, straight from the heart. Eleven original songs with unique, powerful vocals, and impressive musicianship. Music of the moment fortified with the very best traditional flavours of Blues, Roots, Soul, Country, Folk and Old–Time Jazz.

Moving from tortoise to cheetah speed and straight from the heart –
Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings are three gifted and imaginative musicians from the South-East of England, playing original music with gusto, intuitive togetherness and impressive musicianship.
Powerful emotional vocals delivered with an open-hearted honesty, supported by a heartbeat double bass and dancing dirt road guitars.
A wonderful mixture of Rhythm and Blues with innovative combinations of musical influences drawn from the best parts of the Roots/Americana music traditions.
Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings have got a lot to give, and they give it all they have got!

‘To listen to the voice of Jenny Trilsbach is to fall in love. What a singer with power and rawness, but still very sensitive. The instrumental combination of Jenny Trilsbach on bass, Ben Gallon on the acoustic guitar and Ben Fisher on the resonator works par excellence’
Richard Wagenaar , NL – 08.SEP.16

‘Music based on the mastery of their instruments, power and depth of the unique vocals and beautiful own compositions.
A beautiful fantastic concert, what an introduction!’
Next gig, NL – MAY.16

‘Three musicians at their most intuitive and sympathetic’
Americana-UK. UK – 17.FEB.15

‘A dusty, smoky, roots sound with a hint of 40s noir around the edges. Textured, low-down Rhythm and Blues with an old soulfulness and a winning shimmer’
Jamboree Venue, UK – OCT.14