Dekker (USA)

Dekker (USA)

Brookln Dekker ist die amerikanische Hälfte des bekannten Folk-Duos Rue Royale. Unter dem Namen Dekker ist er nun solo unterwegs. Nachdem Rue Royale 2014 nach jahrelangem Touren eine Pause einlegte, fiel Brookln in ein Loch. Über die Zusammenarbeit mit Lambert für "Lambert & Dekker" fand er langsam seine Stimme wieder, fand neue Songs und ist nun mit einem Solo-Album auf Tour, das Song für Song veröffentlicht wird.

Es trägt den programmatischen Titel "Slow Reveal".
Known as the American 50% of the 13 year old Anglo-American Indie-Folk duo Rue Royale, Brookln Dekker is also now a solo artist under the surname-moniker Dekker. Brookln has been the principle songwriter for the band over the years but writing on behalf of the duo, from a collective-perspective. Having been known for their non-stop touring of Europe for over 6 years, the band took a break in 2014. Long story short Brookln got stir crazy, lost the plot and suffered a bout of depression. Partially resuscitated by the unlikely-yet-inevitable collaborative partnership with a masked pianist, Brookln began to find a new voice and confidence in writing for Lambert & Dekker.
Dekker now sees Brookln writing from a hopeful and more personal perspective. He’s currently releasing his album Slow Reveal by slowly revealing it one song at a time. First song in the queue is Tethered, Wrapped Around due to bless streamers on the 9th of August. After that, Dekker will reveal his songs one by one every few weeks.
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